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(Moreira, 1903)

Carapace smooth between ridges and large spines. Spinules present behind postrostral carinae. Intermediate carina smooth. Chelae of first pereiopods heavily ridged and spinulose.

Type locality: E.S.E. of Ilha Rasa at the entrance of the Bay of Rio de Janeiro "á distancia de 30 a 35 milhas da costa entre 43° e 43"30', W. Greenwich e á profundidade de 60 a 100 metros". Syntypes in MNRJ, and USNM, no. 29328.

Geographical Distribution:
Western Atlantic region: off the east coast of South America between 23°S (off Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and 38°S (off Buenos Aires Province, Argentina).

Habitat and Biology:
Found in waters between 50 and 150 m deep.

Total body length of adult specimens between 11 and 18 cm; carapace length between 5 and 8 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
So far none. The species is rather rare ("se encuentra raramente en nuestras costas" Barattini and Ureta, 1960: 49) and certainly does not at present form the subject of a fishery.

Urugavian lobster (Metanephrops rubellus)