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Manning, 1969

Body entirely covered with evenly placed large pearly tubercles. Eye with pigmented, although small, cornea. Lower margin of rostrum without teeth.Second and third maxillipeds with exopods. Exopod of second maxilliped with a distinct flagellum. Pleura of abdominal somites narrow, hardly if at all overlapping. Pleura of second abdominal somite broadly trapezoid, distal margin obliquely truncate, ending in a blunt posterior tooth. Lateral margin of telson unarmed, but for the posterolateral spine.

Type locality:
Off Caribbean coast of "Nicaragua, 12°25'N 82°15'W; depth 546-582 m". Holotype in USNM, no. 113741; paratypes in USNM, RMNH.

Geographical Distribution:
Extreme western Caribbean Sea off the coasts of Central America and northern South America, from Belize to Colombia, 16°58' to 9°24'N, 76°31.5' to 87°53'W.

Habitat and Biology:
Deep sea, 511 to 728 m; on mud bottom.

Total length 15.6 to 17 cm, carapace length 5 to 6 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
So far none, but the size of the specimens might make the exploitation profitable if good fishing grounds are found.

Mitten lobsterette (Nephropides caribaeus)