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Bate, 1888

A post supraorbital spinule present. Distance between supraorbital spines and gastric tubercle about 2/3 of distance between gastric tubercle and cervical groove. Abdominal somites 2 to 6 with a median longitudinal carina. Telson without an erect dorsal spine on its basal part. Exopod of uropod with diaeresis.

Type locality: "Challenger" Station 57, off Bermuda, 32°11'7"N 65°3'20"W; 1262 m. Holotype in BM, now completely disintegrated.

Geographical Distribution:
Western Atlantic from Bermuda (32°N) to northern South America (Guiana, 7°N), including the Bahama Islands, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Habitat and Biology:
Deep sea between 420 and 1260 m, mostly between 500 and 800 m. On muddy or sandy bottoms.

Carapace length between 1 and 6 cm, corresponding to a total length of about 2 to 13 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
Potential. The species is not rare and some of the hauls reported contain several specimens. With proper gear and a better knowledge of its habits and habitat, it may perhaps be possible to fish it commercially.

Two-toned lobsterette (Nephropsis rosea)