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(Thomson, 1873)

Teeth on fingers of large cheliped not in same plane as fingers themselves, pointing alternatingly obliquely inward and outward; bases of teeth placed in single line, but teeth themselves form two diverging rows.

Type locality: '"Challenger" Station 23, off Sombrero Island, West Indies, 18°24'N 63°28'W, 450 fms [ = 823 m], bottom pteropod ooze. Female holotype in BM, No. 88.22 (in alcohol, condition fair); paratype in BM (only fragments).

Geographical Distribution:
West Indian region (Straits of Florida, off Yucatan, east of Nicaragua, off Sombrero Island, and off Grenada).

Habitat and Biology:
Deep-sea species from 640 to 1054 m depth. Bottom very flat, of soft mud (ooze). Possibly a burrowing species.

Total length l0 to l6 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
So far none. Only 7 specimens have so far been taken, there are no indications that they ever could be caught in commercially interesting quantities.

Atlantic pincer lobster (Thaumastocheles zaleucus)