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Bruce, 1988

Eyes present, slender and slightly movable, without pigment. Exopods of second and third maxillipeds reduced to short scale-like rudiments. Distal part of uropodal exopod, behind diaeresis a narrow rounded lobe.

Type locality: "Marian Plateau, off Townsville," Queensland, Australia, " 59°05.00'S [error for 19°05.00'S], 149°26.75'E, 425 m". Holotype female, and allotype male, Northern Territory Museum, Darwin, Australia, no. Cr. 004231.

Geographical Distribution:
NE Australia. Only known from the type locality.

Habitat and Biology:
Taken at a depth of 425 m.

Total length approximately 7.7 cm (female), 5.7 cm (male); carapace length 2.5 cm (female), 1.9 cm (male).

Interest to Fisheries:
Inasmuch as only two specimens are known of this species nothing can be stated on this aspect, but it is not likely that the species ever will become of commercial interest.

Australian pincer lobster (Thaumastochelopsis wardi)