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Barnard, 1926

Anterior margin of carapace between frontal horns straight, with single pair of strong submedian spines, no median spine present; rest of margin as well as inner margin of horns unarmed or with two very small spinules.
Epistome with tubercles on the anterior margin; anterolateral corners with a single tubercle.

Type locality: Off Mozambique, "25° S., 33°10'E., 406 metres, mud". This position cited by Barnard (1926) is definitely incorrect, as it would be on dry land; it is possible that a number of minutes has to be added to 25° S. Holotype male in SAM, no. A 10684 (in alcohol; condition good).

Geographical Distribution:
The species hasbeen reported from East Africa (Mozambique and Somalia).

Habitat and Biology:
Found in deep water (406 m), but also in 59-61 m depth. Reported from a muddy substrate.

Total body length 9.5 cm. Carapace length 3 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
So far none. Very little is known of this species of which only very few specimens have been found.

Specimens reported under the name P. mossambicus from India and the Philippines have here, provisionally, been assigned to P. waguensis. The status of these two species, however, needs further investigation.

Buffalo blunthorn lobster (Palinustus mossambicus)