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Gibbes, 1850

Posterior branchial carinae of carapace straight or only slightly convex, lying in one line with anterior branchial carinae. Posterior incision of orbit without tubercle. Lateral margin of carapace with eight (rarely seven) posterolateral teeth. Anterior teeth of epistome directed forwards. Merus of third maxilliped evenly swollen, most of incisions of inner margin reach beyond middle of segment; anterolateral angle of ischium reaching only slightly beyond base of merus, top rounded.

Type locality: unknown. Holotype in "Cabinet.. of the Lyceum of Natural History, of New York", present whereabouts unknown.

Geographical Distribution:
Indo-West Pacific region: East Africa (Kenya to Cape Province), Western Indian Ocean (N.W: Madagascar, Mauritius-Seychelles Ridge), and from Korea and Japan, to the South China Sea, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Western Australia.

Habitat and Biology:
Depth range from 37 to 400 m; substrates of fine sediments (sand and mud).

Carapace lengths 3 to 7.7 cm; maximum total body length about 19 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
In Korea and Japan, as well a as in Taiwan, the species is sold at the markets. In Japan and Taiwan it is obtained by trawlers, in Japan also by long line fishery. Ivanov and Krylov (1980:287) recorded catches of 19.2 kg/hour and 22.6 kg/hour in the western Indian Ocean.

Smooth fan lobster (Ibacus novemdentatus)