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(Burukovsky and Averin, 1976)

Left and right chelipeds of the first pair similar in size and shape. Palm of first chela as wide as long. Antennal spine not followed by a strong carina. Abdomen with a blunt median carina. A distinct carina separates the abdominal tergites from the pleura.

Type locality: "in the Herd (= Heard) Island region (near Kerguelen) at a depth of 1,010 m", 50°30'S 69°37'E. Holotypemale in ZILS.

Geographical Distribution:
Southern Indian Ocean: area of Kerguelen Islands and Heard Island (47°-51.5°S 66°-75.5°E).

Habitat and Biology:
Depth range from 560 to 1220 m, on muddy substrate.

Total body length between 3 and 11 cm, mostly between 6 and 11 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
The size of the animals and the fact that they occur in relatively great numbers (see Ledoyer, 1979) suggest that the species might be of potential commercial value. So far, however, this possibility has not been tested experimentally.

Bellator lobster (Thymopides grobovi)