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The author of the catalogue, Dr. L.B. Holthuis, is one of the world's foremost authorities on crustaceans. He prepared the first volume in the FAO species catalogue series, "Shrimps and Prawns of the World", published in 1980. He also has collaborated with FAO in the preparation of crustacean species identification sheets for the eastern central Atlantic, the western Indian Ocean, and the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and by revising the information on crustaceans for most of FAO's national field guides to commercial marine resources in Africa and Asia. One of his areas of specialization is lobsters. Since 1946 he has been the sole or senior author for over 25 taxonomic articles concerning this group, more than any other author, past or present. His work on lobsters has included the examination of specimens from the major museums ofthe world and extensive travels to examine and collect them firsthand.

Dr. C.H.J.M. Fransen of the National Museum of Natural History in Leiden, The Netherlands, contributed to this project by preparing the diagnoses of the Species and Higher Taxa.

Technical Editors: W. Fischer, L. Garibaldi and K. Carpenter, Fisheries Resources & Environment Division, FAO, Rome. Illustrators: M. D'Antoni & P. Lastrico FAO, Rome. Page composition of the original publication: G. Sciarappa-Demuro, FAO, Rome.

Thanks are due to Dr. Walter Fischer, Fishery Resources & Environment Division, FAO, Rome for his enormous help with the composition of this program. It was through his insistence that keys and illustrations were added. The result shows how right he was. Ms M. D'Antoni & Mr. P. Lastrico had the thankless task of supervising and producing the illustrative work, often an almost impossible undertaking when they had to work from published photographs, in which details could hardly or not at all be discerned. It is due to their capability and patience that most of the figures came out so well. Dr. L. Garibaldi & Ms G. Sciarappa-Demuro did the printed outlay, editing and word processing of the original catalogue.

A serious attempt has been made in this catalogue to ascertain the location and condition of the type specimens of the species treated, including those of their synonyms. Dr. Holthuis received the most valuable help from the following persons, whose names are followed by the abbreviations used for the names of their institutes: Dr. Maya Deb (ZSI), Prof. Jacques Forest (MP), Dr. D.J.G. Griffin (AMS), Dr. H.-E. Gruner (ZMB), Dr. J.M.C. Holmes (NMI), Dr. R.W. Ingle (BM), Mme E. Lang (MZS), Dr. E.A. Lazo-Wasem (YPM), Dr. Raymond B. Manning (USNM), Mrs M.G. van der Merwe (SAM), Mr D. Platvoet (ZMA), Dr. Earle E. Spamer (ANSP), Dr. R.J. Symonds (ZMC), Dr. Ludwig Tiefenbacher (ZSM), Dr. Michael Türkay (SMF), Dr. Torben Wolff (UZM), Dr. John C. Yaldwyn (DWM).

From various persons Dr. Holthuis received information about lobsters, both oral and written, published and unpublished, which were used in this catalogue. The author ofthe catalogue is most grateful to all, and should like to mention especially: Mr. J.D. Booth Fisheries Research Centre Wellington, New Zealand (information on Jasus and Projasus), Prof. Phaibul Naiyanetr, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand (occurrence, use and vernacular names of Thai lobsters), Mr. T.J. Ward, CSIRO Hobart Tasmania, Australia (unpublished information on Linuparus), Dr. Takao Yamaguchi, Aitsu Marine Biological Station, Kumamoto, University Japan (Japanese names of the Japanese lobsters).

ETI staff contributing to this CD-ROM: G. Gijswijt, B. Peper, R. Sluys. J. H. van der Sloot and H. Veldhuijzen van Zanten.

Colour photographs: R. Lord, Seafood Information Services and Natuurhistorisch Museum, Leiden, The Netherlands.