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(Bruce, 1965)

Carapace rather uniformly spinulose. Region between postrostral carinae heavily spinulose.

Type locality: "Cape St. Mary", Cr[uise]. 1/64, Station 26, Trawl 131 [South China Sea, south of Hong Kong]; 19°25.5'N 114°07.5'E to 19°22.0'N 114°11.0'E... Agassiz Trawl, depth 400-435 fms [ = 732-796 M]". Holotype female in BM, no. 1964.9.28.1; allotype in RMNH (both types in alcohol, condition good).

Geographical Distribution:
Indo-West Pacific region: South China Sea and off western Australia.

Habitat and Biology:
Depth range from 300 to 800 m. Bottom temperature 5°C-11.9°C. Substrate unknown.

Total body length 18 to 25 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
Potential. George (1983:16) counts the present species among the five lobsters off Western Australia for which the "commercial prospects... are probably the most encouraging".

Neptune lobster (Metanephrops neptunus)