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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Homarus gammarus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Homarus gammarus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Cancer gammarus Linnaeus, 1758, Systema Naturae, (ed. 10) 1: 631. Name placed on Official List of Specific Names in Zoology in Direction 51 (published in 1956).
Astacus marinus Fabricius, 1775
Astacus gammarus Pennant, 1777
Homarus marinus Weber, 1795
Astacus europaeus Couch, 1837
Homarus vulgaris H. Milne Edwards, 1837

FAO Names:
European lobster [English]
Homard européen [French]
Bogavante [Spanish]

Local Names:
FRANCE: Homard
GERMANY: Europäischer Hummer
GREECE: Astakós
ITALY: Astice (official name), Elefante di mare, Lupicante, Lupo di mare
MALTA: Liunfant
MONACO: Leguban
MOROCCO: Taroucht (Chleuh language)
NORWAY: Hummer
PORTUGAL: Lavagante, Labugante, Navegante
SPAIN: Bogavante (official name), Abricanto, Homar, Llangant Lubricante
SWEDEN: Hummer
TUNISIA: Saratan il bahr
TURKEY: Istakoz, Stacoz; U.K.: Common lobster, Lobster
USSR: Omar

European lobster (Homarus gammarus)