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(De Man, 1905)

Carapace rather uniformly spinulose. Region between postrostral carinae smooth. Longitudinal furrows present on abdominal tergites.

Type locality: Arafura Sea, Indonesia, "Siboga" Expedition "Station 262. Lat. 5°53.8'S., long. 132°48.8'E. Depth 560 M". Only known from mutilated holotype male in ZMA, no. DE 102.670, condition fair, apart from the original damage.

Geographical Distribution:
Indo-West Pacific region: Indonesia; only known from type locality.

Habitat and Biology:
Found at 560 m depth; bottom solid bluish grey mud overlaid by softer brown mud.

Carapace length; including rostrum, 5.5 cm; total body length about 12 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
As the species is known only from a single specimen, nothing can be said about its potential commercial value.

Arafura lobster (Metanephrops arafurensis)