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(Boone, 1927)

Carapace smooth between ridges and large spines. Spinules absent behind postrostral carinae; intermediate carinae spinulose. Chelae of first pereiopods heavily ridged and spinulose.

Type locality: "from north to Glover Reef, in 484 fathoms of water". The exact type locality and depth are not certain (see Holthuis, 1974: 835), but it probably is 16°49'38"N 87°58'15"W, 384 fms (=703 m). Holotype male in YPM, no. 4380; 4 paratypes in YPM, nos. 4381-4384 (all type material in alcohol and in excellent condition).

Geographical Distribution:
Western Atlantic region: from the Bahama Islands and southern Florida (USA) to French Guiana, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Habitat and Biology:
Depth range from 230 to 700 m, most common between 300 and 500 m; on a substrate of sand or mud.

Total body length to 17 cm, usually around 12 cm.

Interest to Fisheries:
The species is not actively fished for at present, but it was taken in commercially attractive quantities during exploratory trawling operations in the western Caribbean Sea (about 10 kg/h).

Caribbean lobster (Metanephrops binghami)