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In most modern classifications comprising multicellular eukaryotic organisms with wall-less, non-photosynthetic cells.

The following taxa of the miscellaneous worms of this kingdom occur in the region:

Phylum Echiura
Order Bonelliida
Family Bonelliidae
Genus Bonellia
Genus Maxmuelleria
Order Echiurida
Family Echiuridae
Genus Echiurus
Phylum Pogonophora
Class Frenulatea
Order Athecanephrida
Family Siboglinidae
Genus Siboglinum
Order Thecanephrida
Family Sclerolinidae
Genus Sclerolinum
Phylum Priapulida
Family Priapulidae
Genus Halicryptus
Genus Priapulus
Bonellia viridis
Echiurus echiurus
Maxmuelleria lankesteri
Siboglinum ekmani
Siboglinum fiordicum
Siboglinum norvegicum
Sclerolinum brattstromi
Halicryptus spinulosus
Priapulus caudatus

Kingdom Animalia