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In most modern classifications comprising multicellular eukaryotic organisms with wall-less, non-photosynthetic cells.

The following taxa of the phylum Nemertina of this kingdom occur in the region:

Phylum Nermertina
Class Anopla
Order Heteronemertea
Family Cerebratulidae
Genus Cerebratulus
Family Lineidae
Genus Lineus
Genus Micrura
Order Palaeonemertea
Family Carinomidae
Genus Carinoma
Family Cephalothricidae
Genus Cephalothrix
Genus Procephalothrix
Family Hubrechtidae
Genus Hubrechtella
Family Tubulanidae
Genus Callinera
Genus Carinina
Genus Tubulanus
Class Enopla
Order Bdellonemertea
Family Malacobdellidae
Genus Malacobdella
Order Hoplonemertea
Suborder Monostilifera
Family Amphiporidae
Genus Amphiporus
Family Carcinonemertidae
Genus Carcinonemertes
Family Cratenemertidae
Genus Nipponnemertes
Family Emplectonematidae
Genus Emplectonema
Genus Nemertopsis
Genus Oerstedia
Genus Tetrastemma
Amphiporus bioculatus
Amphiporus cordiceps
Amphiporus hastatus
Amphiporus lactifloreus
Callinera buergeri
Carcinonemertes carcinophila
Carinina arenaria
Carinina coei
Carinoma armandi
Cephalothrix arenaria
Cephalothrix linearis
Cephalothrix rufifrons
Cerebratulus fuscus
Cerebratulus marginatus
Emplectonema gracile
Emplectonema neesii
Hubrechtella dubia
Lineus albocinctus
Lineus bilineatus
Lineus lacteus
Lineus longissimus
Lineus ruber
Lineus sanguineus
Lineus viridis
Malacobdella grossa
Micrura fasciolata
Micrura purpurea
Nemertopsis flavida
Nipponnemertes pulcher
Oerstedia dorsalis
Procephalothrix filiformis
Tetrastemma candidum
Tetrastemma flavidum
Tetrastemma helvolum
Tetrastemma melanocephalum
Tetrastemma robertianae
Tetrastemma vermiculus
Tubulanus annulatus
Tubulanus linearis
Tubulanus polymorphus
Tubulanus superbus
Tubulanus theeli

Kingdom Animalia