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McIntosh, 1873-74

Length 8-10 cm, width 5-6 mm. Dull orange or pale brownish in colour, tending towards reddish anteriorly and especially on the head, with a paler ventral surface (A. bioculatus). The heart-shaped to bluntly pointed head bears at its tip a single pair of large eyes. Behind these, the cephalic furrows are evident on the dorsal surface (A. bioculatus-head). The body itself is rounded and either gradually increases its diameter through the anterior two-thirds of its length, or is for most of its length of a more or less uniform width.

It occurs in a sandy bottom or among Laminaria roots, from the lower shore to 30 m or more depth.

In the North Sea, the species is reported from the Shetlands and in the Kattegat. Elsewhere it is found on the eastern coast of North America, the British Isles and the Channel coast of France.

Amphiporus bioculatus