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Malmgren, 1866

Prostomium with a pair of glandular ridges and many eyespots. Gills in two well-separated groups; the four gills of each group arranged in two transverse rows in a rhomboid pattern.
17-19 long, thin chaetae on each side in front of gills.
Seventeen thoracic segments with notopodia with capillary chaetae, the posterior fourteen also with neuropodia with uncini. Nineteen abdominal uncinigerous segments. Thoracic uncini with one row of about five teeth. Pygidium with two short lateral cirri.

Up to 45 mm.


In alcohol pale grey to flesh-coloured.

On sand, mud and mixed bottoms; 9-64 m.

Siberian Arctic, West Greenland, Canadian Arctic, Sea of Okhotsk. East Greenland, Svalbard, northern North Sea.

Amphicteis sundevalli