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Arwidsson, 1932

Body oval, oblong, with up to 34 chaetigers.
Prostomium rounded with a ventral sucking mouth, without appendages. Eyes absent.
First segment very short, fused with the prostomium and the first chaetiger, bearing two pairs of tentacular cirri.
First parapodium without dorsal cirrus. Parapodia uniramous, conical, with filamentous dorsal and ventral cirri.
Chaetae all compounds with short, unidentate, smooth or finely toothed blades (C. amphictenicola-detail).
Pygidium very short, without cirri.
Pharynx with stylets.

Up to 3.5 mm for 26-34 segments.


Ectoparasite on the gills of Amphicteis gunneri .

Trondheimfjord, Skagerrak.

Calamyzas amphictenicola