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Sars, 1872

Body small with 7 or 8 thoracic and about 30 abdominal segments.
Each half of the crown webbed for about two-thirds of its length. Up to 8 radioli on each side. Two palps. Two groups of eyes.
Collar oblique in side-view with its margin covering the base of the crown, fused to a mid-dorsal groove and without a ventral cleft.
The first chaetiger with notopodial winged capillaries only . The following thoracic notopodia with capillaries and spatulate chaetae. Neuropodial chaetae are hooks.
Abdominal neuropodial chaetae are winged, slightly geniculate capillaries. Uncini present on notopodia (C. longocirrata-detail).

Up to 15 mm.

Thin, encrusted with sand.

White with yellow crown.


Eastern North Sea, Kattegat.

Chone longocirrata