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Oersted, 1843

Body cylindrical, becoming flattened and broader posteriorly.
Prostomium with two nuchal slits, fused to the anterior segments. Eyes absent.
Anterior three achaetous segments dorsally fused, ventrally more or less distinctly separated. One pair of palps on the last achaetous segment.
4-8 pairs of long filamentous gills, starting at the last achaetous segment, just behind the palps.
In the first 6 or 7 chaetigers there are only capillary chaetae but in following segments there are also both stout and finer hooks with tips hollowed-out like spoons.
In young specimens, the stouter chaetae have a short, broad-toothed blade rather than a spoon-shaped end.

Up to 60 mm for 80 segments.

Brownish or blackish green. In alcohol colourless.

Eulittoral to 400 m.

Whole North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat to Öresund, Atlantic to Mediterranean, North Pacific.

Dodecaceria concharum