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(Kröyer, 1856)

Body is quite long, cylindrical. Thorax with 8, abdomen with 30 chaetigers.
9-17 pairs of radioli, webbed for over half their length. 5-10 tentacular filaments and two rather long palps. Eyes absent on prostomium.
Collar is straight, dorsally and ventrally equally high, ventrally hardly incised. Ventral shield without papillae.
The first chaetiger with long notopodial capillaries.
Thoracic notopodial chaetae are long, slightly bent, winged capillaries and shorter spatulate chaetae. Thoracic neuropodial hooks with long shafts.
Abdominal neuropodial chaetae are geniculate, winged at the tip. Notopodia with uncini (E. analis-detail).
Faecal groove extends over the most posterior 10-15 segments with high, wavy rim.

Up to 60 mm.

Membranous, encrusted with sand or detritus.

Body reddish to yellow, in alcohol brownish or colourless.


Arctic, Antarctic, North Pacific, eastern North Atlantic, Skagerrak and Kattegat.

Euchone analis