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(M. Sars, 1851)

Body is quite short, cylindrical. Thorax with 8, abdomen with 27 chaetigers.
7-15 pairs of radioli, webbed for almost two-thirds of their length. 2-5 tentacular filaments. Eyes absent.
Collar ventrally higher and incised for over half of its length.
Ventral shield with papillae.
The first chaetiger with long notopodial capillary chaeta
Thorax with two kind of notochaetae: quite long, slightly bent winged capillaries and shorter spatulate chaetae. Neuropodial hooks with long shafts.
Abdominal neuropodia with small capillaries and notopodial uncini with one big and many small teeth.
The last 8-10 abdominal segments form a deep funnel-like faecal groove ventrally.

Up to 38 mm.

Cylindrical, up to 150 mm long, membranous, often encrusted with mud.

Body greenish-yellowish in alcohol, crown white.

On muddy sand, sublittoral.

Arctic, North Pacific, North Atlantic, northern North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat, Belts, Öresund and Baltic Sea to Bay of Kiel.

Euchone papillosa