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(Audouin & Milne-Edwards, 1834)

Prostomium rounded triangular, about 1.5 times wider than long. Median antenna situated well in front of eyes. Proboscis widest distally, covered with diffusely distributed conical papillae. Terminal ring with 12-30 papillae. Segment 1 with tentacular cirri reaching segment 2-3. Dorsal tentacular cirri of segments 2 and 3 reaching about segment 7. Ventral tentacular cirri reaching about segments 3-4, often thick and slightly flattened. Chaetae present from segment 3. Dorsal cirri of median segments lanceolate, 1.75-2.25 times as long as broad. Ventral cirri oval (E. clavigera-parapodium). Pygidial cirri two or three times as long as wide (E. clavigera-detail).

Up to 94 mm.

Living animals deep emerald green. Dark spots may be present on the ventral sides of parapodial bases.

On hard substrata in shallow water.

As yet only reported from France and Great Britain.

Eulalia clavigera