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Pleijel, 1987

Body anteriorly and posteriorly tapered. Prostomium elongate to triangular, longer than wide. Median antenna a little longer than paired ones, situated in front of the relatively big eyes. Proboscis densely covered with conical papillae, with 13-18 terminal papillae. Longest tentacular cirri reaching segment 9-13. Ventral tentacular cirri slightly flattened. Chaetae present from segment 2. Dorsal cirri of median segments lanceolate, about twice as long as broad. Ventral cirri similar, but smaller and more symmetrical. Pygidial cirri cylindrical, about five times as long as wide. Tiny median pygidial papilla present (E. hanssoni-detail).

Up to 17 mm for 90 segments.

Living animals with bright violet, at least in anterior half. Parapodia and dorsal cirri transparent yellowish. In alcohol dark greenish yellow to brown.


Arctic, northeast Atlantic, northern North Sea.

Eulalia hanssoni