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(M. Sars, 1851)

Body long, a little flattened.
Prostomium rounded anteriorly, with two or four eyes and a median antenna. Caruncle reaching chaetiger 28-30.
Notopodial postchaetal lobes in the anterior segments with gills, broadly cirriform, with thin pointed tips, posteriorly becoming smaller.
Anterior parapodia with capillary chaetae only. From neuropodium 40-45 onwards also hooks present and on neuropodium 12-29 also a few spines. No notopodial hooks (L. cirrata-parapodium).
Gills completely separate from the postchaetal lobes, 35-44 pairs, starting at chaetiger 2.
Pygidium with 8-14 small cirri or papillae.

Up to 120 mm for 160 segments. Width 3-5 mm.

Anteriorly yellowish, posteriorly brownish.

Sublittoral to very deep waters.

Arctic, possibly also northern North Sea.

Laonice cirrata