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Malmgren, 1865

Body slender, cylindrical. Thorax with 8-12 chaetigers.
Six to eight pairs of radioli and one pair of tentacular filaments, the latter joined by a basal membrane.
Collar ventrally cleft and entire dorsally.
The first chaetiger with notopodial chaetae only.
Thoracic notopodial chaetae are narrowly or broadly winged capillaries; also spatulate chaetae present. Thoracic uncini with 5-6 rows of small teeth over the large terminal tooth; thoracic neuropodia without companion chaetae.
Abdominal chaetae are broadly winged; without spatulate chaetae. Abdominal and thoracic uncini are almost identical.
Pygidium with one papilla.

Over 30 mm for 130 chaetigers.

Slender, up to 95 mm long and 2 mm wide, membranous, encrusted with mud.

Living animal with a yellowish white body and red crown.

In soft substrata, sublittoral. 10-60 m.

Arctic, North Pacific, North Atlantic, North Sea to Baltic.

Laonome kroeyeri