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(Tauber, 1879)

Body long with numerous segments. Anterior segments broader than the following ones.
Prostomium broadly conical with a small papilla at the tip. Two semicircular nuchal slits present. Without eyes or antenna.
Notopodial postchaetal lobes cirriform or finger-like, on the first chaetigers short, becoming longer in the branchial region, posteriorly thinner.
Chaetae are capillaries. Additionally
2-7 winged spines present on neuropodia, starting at chaetiger 20-26.
Up to 15 pairs of finger-shaped gills, starting at chaetiger 5-8; the median ones longest.
Pygidium conical with two cirri.

Up to 25 mm for 100 segments.


Upper sublittoral to 2900 m.

North Sea to Baltic Sea. Possibly cosmopolitan.

Levinsenia gracilis