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Eliason, 1962

Body slender, cylindrical; covered by small papillae.
Prostomium broadly rounded, without eyes. Peristomium dorsally not visible. Palps unknown.
2 pair of thread-like gills on the second segment. One large oval papilla present, laterally below gills on second segment (M. polyonyx-head).
The first chaetiger with 2, second with 2-3 and next chaetigers with 3-5 finely denticulate capillary chaetae on notopodia. Ventrally 5-6 compound chaetae from the 4th segment (M. polyonyx-chaetae).
Pygidium unknown.

Up to about 12 mm for 36 segments (incomplete).

Anterior edge of the prostomium and segments without chaetae with pigmentation, anterior chaetigers with broad brown cross-bands.

235-478 m.

Northern North Sea (60° N), Skagerrak.

Macrochaeta polyonyx