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Banse, 1954

Prostomium heart-shaped, broader than long, with two big eyes near the posterior margin. Antennae shorter than half the length of the prostomium.
Tentacular cirri of segment 1 a little longer than the segment width. Dorsal tentacular cirri of segment 2 of similar length, ventral tentacular cirri big and leaf-like. Dorsal cirri oval, pointed, longer than broad. Ventral cirri oval, longer than the parapodial lobes.
Blades of chaetae striped, weakly serrate (M. southerni-detail).
Pygidial cirri thick and oval.

Up to 5.5 mm long for 38 segments.

Green, dorsally brownish.

Known only from sand, at 11 m.

Kattegat to Bay of Kiel.

Mystides southerni