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Ockelmann & Åkesson, 1990

Prostomium rounded. A pair of finger-like antennae; palps are ciliated pads. Prostomium, peristomium and segments with complete rings of cilia. Two eyes on first achaetous segment.
Parapodium with one thin acicula. Dorsal cirri small, papilla-like; no ventral cirri.
Chaetae of three kinds: 1) finely toothed capillaries; 2) up to seven compound chaetae; 3) a thin lower capillary chaeta.
Pygidium with two thread-like cirri and a short median papilla.
Mandibles X-shaped, anteriorly asymmetrically incised and regularly toothed. Maxillary carriers not described. Maxillae I: with 6-8 strong teeth, with 1-3 small teeth in between; maxillae II to IV: also coarsely toothed; V to VIII: finely toothed.

Up to 3,4 mm for up to 15 chaetigers.

Living animal whitish.


Known only from an aquarium in Helsingör.

Ophryotrocha socialis