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Audouin & Milne-Edwards, 1833

Prostomium in the form of a blunt cone.
Thorax with 30-34 chaetigers. Thoracic notopodia with a single postchaetal lobe, an acicula and a bundle of capillary chaetae. Thoracic neuropodia are swollen tori, typically with 3-4 rows of large, yellow, curved stout chaetae. 12-25 conical postchaetal papillae until chaetiger 40-43. 25-30 subpodial papillae on the ventral side of chaetiger 22 to 42-55. From chaetiger 25-36 onwards, they meet in the middle of the ventral side. No spines (O. latreillii-detail).
Abdominal notopodia with simple postchaetal lobes, aciculae, capillary and 4-5 forked chaetae. Cirriform interramal cirrus about as long as the neuropodium. Abdominal neuropodia bilobed, with two aciculae, a few capillary chaetae and a ventral cirrus.
Gills start at chaetiger 5-6.
Pygidium with two long cirri.

Up to 400 mm for 400 segments.

Thorax pink to flesh-coloured, abdomen yellowish.


Eastern North Atlantic to northern North Sea and Mediterranean, Black Sea.

Orbinia latreillii