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Audouin & Milne-Edwards, 1829

Body delicate and transparent.
Prostomium with three antennae and two similar palps. A single pair of very big, lensed eyes.
First segment dorsally incomplete, with 3 pairs of short tentacular cirri ventrally. The first parapodial segment following with reduced parapodia but the fifth and succeeding segments with well-developed uniramous parapodial lobes, terminating in two cirriform appendages. Chaetae all slender compounds. Dorsal and ventral cirri leaf-like.
Pygidium with two cirri.
Pharynx eversible, with two lateral horns. No jaws.

Up to 60 mm for 60 segments.

Transparent, eyes red.


Northern North Sea, Atlantic, possibly world-wide.

Alciopa reynaudii