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Malmgren, 1867 sensu Hessle, 1917

Prostomium with three lobes and two to six eyespots. Gills in two well-separated groups; three gills of each group in a transverse row, the fourth behind the middle one of the three.
About 7 long chaetae with fine, sharp tips on each side in front of gills.
Fourteen thoracic segments with notopodia with capillary chaetae, the posterior twelve also with neuropodia with uncini. Twelve uncinigerous abdominal segments, none with rudimentary notopodia. Thoracic uncini with two rows of teeth, with about seven teeth in each row, abdominal uncini with three rows of teeth (A. lindstroemi-detail).
Pygidium with a pair of eyespots, a pair of lateral cirri, and a number of short papillae.

Up to 12 mm.


In alcohol pale yellow.

On mud more or less mixed with clay, sand or pebbles; 8-400 m.

Gulf of St. Lawrence, Nova Scotia, White Sea, Japan Sea. All Norway, Skagerrak, Öresund, Irish Sea.

Ampharete lindstroemi