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Pleijel, 1993

Prostomium rounded, 4 eyes with lenses, anterior pair not much larger. Prostomium with 3 antennae and 2 annulated palps, thicker and as long as or shorter than the lateral antennae and with 2 rings.
Lateral antennae simple, thread-like and a little shorter than the prostomium. Median antenna simple, not much shorter than the lateral antennae and inserted in front of the eyes.
Between 6-8 pairs of annulated tentacular cirri.
Dorsal tentacular cirri of the second segment clearly the longest, reaching to segment 12-16. Ventral cirri of the third segment the shortest and like ventral cirri on segment 4 and 5, simple. From the 6th segment to posterior parapodia biramous.
Dorsal cirri even longer than longest tentacular cirri. Dorsal cirri more or less clearly annulated. Ventral cirri simple at most unclearly annulated. Noto- and neuropodia conical. Notopodia clearly shorter. Dorsal chaetae of 2 types: 20-30 capillary chaetae and 1-3 short smooth spines.
Pygidium rounded with 2 long annulated anal cirri.
Pharynx short, broad and smooth with 25-26 terminal papillae, without jaws
(G. mackei-detail).

Body up to 5.8 mm for 29 segments.

Transparent, with brown pigmented bands dorsally on anterior and posterior edge of segments.


Northeast Atlantic (Faroer), Skagerrak.

Gyptis mackiei