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Söderström, 1920

Body anteriorly broad and flattened, posteriorly cylindrical.
Prostomium anteriorly broadly rounded, with two large eyes and a well-developed antenna. Caruncle is long, reaching chaetiger 27-31.
Anterior noto- and neuropodia with capillary chaetae only. From neuropodium 27-32 onwards also hooded hooks present. From neuropodium 14-17 onwards also some spines. No notopodial hooks.
The anterior notopodial postchaetal lobes are large and broad with a curved tip. They become gradually smaller and are indiscernible in the posterior part.
The anterior neuropodial postchaetal lobes are oval with a small, pointed tip in the midway. They become gradually smaller and broadly rounded.
Gills are large and cirriform, completely separate from postchaetal lobes, 28-32 pairs, starting at chaetiger 2 (L. bahusiensis-detail).
Pygidium with 8-14 small papillae or cirri.

Up to 60 mm for 120 segments.

Yellowish, posteriorly brownish.

50-150 m.

Skagerrak, Kattegat.

Laonice bahusiensis