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In most modern classifications comprising multicellular eukaryotic organisms with wall-less, non-photosynthetic cells.

The following taxa of the phylum Sipuncula of this kingdom occur in the region:

Phylum Sipuncula
Class Phascolosomatidea
Order Aspidosiphonida
Family Aspidosiphonidae
Genus Aspidosiphon
Order Phascolosomatida
Family Phascolosomatidae
Genus Phascolosoma
Class Sipunculidea
Order Golfingiida
Family Golfingiidae
Genus Golfingia
Genus Nephasoma
Genus Thysanocardia
Family Phascolionidae
Genus Onchnesoma
Genus Phascolion
Order Sipunculida
Family Sipunculidae
Genus Sipunculus
Aspidosiphon muelleri
Golfingia elongata
Golfingia margaritacea
Golfingia vulgaris
Nephasoma minutum
Onchnesoma squamatum
Onchnesoma steenstrupi
Phascolion strombus
Phascolosoma granulatum
Sipunculus nudus
Thysanocardia procera

Kingdom Animalia