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Technical Editors:

K. E. Carpenter, FAO, Rome.
C. Sommer, FAO, Rome.
A. Bogusch, FAO, Rome.
A.-L. Agnalt, FAO, Rome.


All body illustrations of the main species, except for the cetacean color overview pictures, the sea otter and polar bear drawings, and the surface silhouettes were prepared by Pieter Arend Folkens, Alaska Whale Foundation.

The sea otter and polar bear drawings were prepared by Todd G. Telander.

Skull, all line illustrations, and 3 main species portraits, were prepared by M. D'Antoni, FAO, Rome, based on material supplied by the authors.

The cetacean color overview pictures were published by the National Science Museum Tokyo, edited by dr. Nobuyuki Miyazaki and illustrated by Miss Yoshimi Watanabe.

Maps were prepared by P. Lastrico, FAO, Rome.

R. Leewis (Thalassa Picture Services) was responsible for the color photos.

Page composition of the printed guide:

A. Bogusch, FAO, Rome.

The FAO Species Identification Sheets for Fishery Purposes do not usually contain references within the text (Bonner and Laws, 1985; di Natale, 1987). However, we acknowledge here our primary sources. For cetaceans, we depended heavily on Leatherwood et al. (1976, 1982, 1988), Leatherwood and Reeves (1983), Ridgway and Harrison (1985, 1989, in press a and b), Martin (1990), and Klinowska (1991). Our primary sources for pinnipeds were Ridgway and Harrison (1981a, b), King (1983), Riedman (1990a), and Reeves et al. (1992). Finally, information on sirenians, otters, and the polar bear comes largely from Reeves et al. (1992) and Reynolds and Odell (1991). We are particularly grateful to R. R. Reeves and B. S. Stewart for their indulgence of our extensive use of the published version and working drafts of Reeves et al. (1992), which was released just as the printed manuscript was submitted for publication.
Individual species accounts were reviewed by:

R. W. Baird, A. Baker, C. S. Baker, K. C. Balcomb , N. B. Barros, J. Bengston, N. Bonner, M. Borobia, F. Bruemmer, M. M. Bryden, J. Calambokidis, I. Christensen, V. G. Cockcroft, C. Cowles, M. Cawthorn, V. da Silva, R. W. Davis, S. Dawson, D. P. Domning, M. Donoghue, F. H. Fay, L. Fleischer, V. Fountree, J. Francis, R. L. Gentry, W. Gilmartin, R. N. P. Goodall, M. P. Heide-Jørgensen, G. Heinsohn, J. Horwood, M. A. Iñiquez, T. Kasuya, K. Koracs, S. D. Kraus, S. L. Kruse, A. C. Lescrauweet, J. K. Ling, C. Lockyer, D. M. Lorigne, R. M. Laws, H. Marsh, A. R. Martin, J. G. Mead, M. Marmontel, M. W. Newcomer, D. K. Odell, W. F. Perrin, W. Perryman, M. C. Pinedo, R. L. Pitman, B. Powell, R. Praderi, A. J. Read, R. R. Reeves, S. B. Reilly, J. C. Reyes, D. Robineau, G. J. B. Ross, V. Rowntree, M. D. Scott, R. Sears, D. E. Sergeant, P. Shaughnessy, G. K. Silber, R. K. Sinhao, B. Smith, P. J. Stacey, B. S. Stewart, S. L. Swartz, B. Tershy, K. Van Waerebeek, O. Vidal, Wang Ding, R. S. Wells, B. Würsig and Zhou Kaiya.

Assistance in various aspects of manuscript preparation was given by B. E. Curry.

R. Leewis (Thalassa Picture Services) was also responsible for the sound recordings.

The National Museum for Natural History of the Netherlands provided the video material. D. Robineau provided French common names, A. Aguilar provided them in Spanish, and P. van Bree and M. L. Brugman provided them in Dutch.

Additional information on the geographical distribution of the marine mammals was provided by P. van Bree, Zoological Museum, Amsterdam.

T. Sullivan, S. Stuart, and P. Reijnders provided current IUCN status designations for some species. Our editors at FAO, K. Carpenter, C. Sommer, and A.-L. Agnalt, were very helpful in all aspects of the preparation of this guide, and were patient with our missing of deadlines.

We are very grateful to all these colleagues and friends for their generosity and genuinely helpful spirits. Because of their involvement, this program is much improved from our original draft. Any remaining errors and deficiencies are our responsibility.

Computer rendering of the data and Linnaeus II implementation

Project Manager:
Marc L. Brugman

All stacks, except for the Traditional Key, MapIt, the Quiz and the Fishing areas were prepared by Marc L. Brugman.

Fishing areas:
Taghy Zandvakili

Ruud Altenburg
Aras van Hertum

Traditional Key:
Marc L. Brugman
Henk Visser