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Developed by ETI BioInformatics

Dr R. Sluys entered and updated all data from his 1989 monograph on marine triclads.

A.A. Balkema Publishers is thanked for granting permission to ETI to use "A Monograph of the Marine Triclads" and to distribute this information through electronic means.

Ing. G. Gijswijt and Dr. K.W. Estep finalized the programming and ported the data throughout the development of the Linnaeus II shell. Drs. R.G.M. Altenburg ported the original CD-ROM to the new Linnaeus II 2.1 software.

Dr P.H. Schalk and Prof S. van der Spoel tested the original program and reviewed its contents.

"Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed". This phrase in UNESCO's Constitution (1946) underlies the Organization's role in international intellectual cooperation, especially education, science, culture and education. In science taxonomy and related ecological studies have been among the subjects fostered during the past decades.

Concern about the erosion of the world's taxonomic heritage led UNESCO in the 1980s to encourage the establishment of the Expert-center for Taxonomic Identification (ETI) at the University of Amsterdam. ETI's biodiversity databases and advanced distribution technology are expected to help address global, regional and local biological diversity issues. This requires an interactive, easy accessible flow of information involving data providers and users in all regions of the world.