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Mario de Kluijver
University of Amsterdam
Mauritskade 61
NL-1092 AD Amsterdam
e-mail: kluijver@bio.uva.nl

Sarita Ingalsuo
University of Amsterdam
Mauritskade 61
NL-1092 AD Amsterdam
e-mail: ingalsuo@bio.uva.nl

Rykel de Bruyne
University of Amsterdam
P.O. box 94766
NL-1090 GT Amsterdam
e-mail: bruyne@bio.uva.nl

The authors wish to thank all persons who were involved in some way in this project.
Special thanks are reserved for:
Peter Schalk, director of ETI, who initiated the benthos project,
Pjotr Oosterbroek (ETI), co-ordinator of the BIF projects,
Rob van Soest (UvA), supervisor of the benthos project,
Gideon Gijswijt (ETI), who solved many technical problems,
Members of the ICES Benthos Working Group (BEWG), who commented on the project.

Further we wish to thank all people who provided illustrations:
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d'Argenville, 1747
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