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Alder, 1848

Description (shell):
Shell a tall narrow cone of up to 13 flat-sided whorls; profile slightly cyrtoconoid. Sutures very slight, paralleled internally and above by false sutures, latter often more conspicuous in live shells. Smooth, with very fine growth lines revealed by reflected light. Aperture narrow, drop-shaped, with outer lip arising tangential to last whorl between two brown spiral bands.

Up to 6 x 2 mm.

Colourless, apart from two brown spiral bands peripherally.

The animal is like Eulima glabra .

On soft substrata from 20-250 m (occasionally at LWST), associated with the ophiuroids Ophiactis and Ophiopholis but often found free.

Distributed from Mediterranean to northern Norway (Distr. E. bilineata).

Eulima bilineata