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Linné, 1758

Description (shell):
Shell solid, strongly reticulate, cap-shaped with a posteriorly directed, recurved apex (beak) of two spirally coiled whorls. A sunken slit band arising anterior to beak, perforate distally, forming a marginal exhalant slit above the mantle cavity. No operculum (E. fissura-drawing).

Up to 8 x 6 mm.


Foot shield-shaped, broader anteriorly, with 10 epipodial tentacles on each side. An additional epipodial tentacle arises from back of head on right side.

From lower shore (LWST) to 265 m, on rocks and boulders bearing sponges, upon which it feeds.

On all suitable west European coasts from Norway and Faroe Islands to Canary Islands (Distr. E. fissura).

Emarginula fissura