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(Sowerby G.B. II, 1840)

Description (shell):
Elongate oval, about twice as long as broad. Smoothly and strongly arched, rounded dorsally, without a keel. Sculpture of fine, regularly ordered granules giving chequered (or cancellate) effect, more pronounced towards margins where growth lines may be enhanced. Edges of valves finely denticulate; articulamentum rounded triangular, with smooth edge. Girdle narrow, covered with overlapping, thin and flat scales, rectangular and varying in size, with free edge often curled; fringed with delicate marginal spines (L. cancellatus-detail).

Up to 9 mm long.

Shell valves yellowish white to fawn.

Lower shore and shallow sublittoral.

Restricted to the British shore (Distr. L. cancellatus).

Leptochiton cancellatus