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(Clark, 1914)

P. axiologus is a sea cucumber with bright red ambulacra and yellow to blue inter-ambulacra. It is a medium to large-sized species (length along the mid-ventral ambulacrum 2.5-3 x the length of the mid-dorsal interambulacrum, e.g. largest specimen of Clark (1946) was 125 mm dorsally, but 325 mm ventrally). The body is stout and cylindrical, with its oral end turned up and tapering, a pliable body, and a smooth and slippery tegument. Spicules are small perforated plates (P. axiologus spicules, P. axiologus spicules 2), sometimes absent in larger specimens. P. axiologus has been recorded from reefs and coastal areas, where it is found exposed on hard substrates below 1Om.

Remarks: Another species P. violaceus known from S.E. Asia has been reported - from collections in the British Museum - from northern Australia (Clark and Rowe, 1971).

Pseudocolochirus axiologus