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Selenka, 1867

H. (Mertensiothuria) pervicax is a grey/brown sea cucumber, mottled above, with red-brown papillae ringed with white, and grey below with dark spots of tube feet. It is a hemicylindrical species, somewhat flattened below, with a medium-sized (to 300 mm), soft and pliable body, a smooth tegument, and thick, translucent cuvierian tubules (H. pervicax photo). Spicules are rather poorly formed, buttons often like small beaded rods. This species many be found on reefs below rocks on flats.

Remarks: The distinction between fuscocinerea and pervicax is not too clear; however the latter does have quite reduced spicules. Another holothurian with spicules very like those of pervicax is sometimes encountered and may be a colour morph. It is a rich red/brown above and white below.

Holothuria pervicax