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Clark, 1946

This is the name given by Clark to a small, stocky specimen treated by Ekman (1918) and collected southwest of Broome.

Clark 1946 describes this species as follows:

Cucmaria adela, nom. nov.

Eckman, 1918. p. 39 pl. 4, figs. 32-34.

Deichmann has called my attention to the fact that this holothurian, 97 mm. long and exceptionally stout, collected by Mjöberg 45 miles southwest of Cape Jaubert, Western Australia, in 11 fms., cannot be properly referred to Sempers Japanese species, but almost surely represents an undescribed form. As Ekman has given a full description and several figures, no further account need be given here, but a new name is of course necessary, and is herwith suggested.

Cucumaria adela