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Totton, 1941

Anterior nectophore [Lensia hotspur ]: small, with five complete ridges. The hydroecium is reduced to a small depression in the mouth plate. The short, ovate somatocyst is angled obliquely and has a short stalk.
Posterior nectophore: difficult to distinguish from that of other Lensia species, but it has a rounded notch on the mouth plate.
Eudoxid: the eudoxid stage has not been identified.

Anterior nectophore usually less than 10 mm in height.

Depth range
Occurring mainly in the upper 250 m.

The gonophores of all Lensia species are difficult to identify on species level and will not be described.

Distribution in the North Sea
Possibly northern North Sea.

World distribution
Warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

[After Kirkpatrick and Pugh, 1984]

Lensia hotspur