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Browne, 1903

Umbrella ovoid, with thick walls. Four radial canals and ring canal, apical canal absent. Manubrium large, conical, with a broad, flat, quadrangular base [M.hartlaubi-drawing ]. Mouth circular, simple. Gonads completely surrounding manubrium. Four small marginal tentacle bulbs, without ocelli, each with 2 (or 3) tentacles with rings of nematocysts.
Habitus: M.hartlaubi-orig

Umbrella 2-4 mm high and wide.

Distribution in the North Sea
Found off the Norwegian coast (Herlöfjord, Herdlafjord).

World distribution
Norwegian waters.

Polypoid stage unknown.

[After Russell, 1950a; Kramp, 1959]

Margelopsis hartlaubi