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L. Agassiz, 1849

Umbrella dome-shaped, with thick walls [Nemopsis bachei ]. Manubrium short, one-third as long as bell cavity. Mouth with four oral tentacles inserted above mouth opening, oral tentacles dichotomously branched 5-7 times.
Gonads situated on stomach pouches extending along radial canals; gonads ribbon-like, with curtain-like folds, extending at least two-thirds towards bell margin.
Four cleft marginal tentacular bulbs each with a group of tentacles of two kinds; up to 14 filiform tentacles and a short median pair bearing a terminal cluster of nematocysts each. With large dark ocelli.

Umbrella up to 11 mm high.

Distribution in the North Sea
Coastal in southern and northern North Sea.

World distribution
Northwest European coastal waters.

Hydroid probably unknown.

[After Russell, 1953b; Kramp, 1959]

Nemopsis bachei