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Eschricht, 1838

Adult. Body relatively elongate (not compressed), gelatinous and fragile. Eyes with lenses. Skin lightly pigmented. The web is deep, a secondary web is present. The cirri are long and conspicuous. Fins large, wide and longer than the width of the head, slightly flared; fin support compact and rectangular. Mantle aperture narrow. Funnel long; funnel organ inverted-V.
Young not described. The smallest caught planktonic postembryonic stage was identified as Cirroteuthis sp., with 11 mm mantle length.

Depth range
Benthopelagic, generally below 2000 m.

Distribution in the North Sea
Deep parts of Skagerrak, not likely to occur in the North Sea.

World distribution
Arctic/boreal in N Atlantic or N Pacific.

[After Hochberg et al., in Sweeney et al., 1992]

Cirroteuthis muelleri