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Lohmann, 1896

A rather large appendicularian species. The trunk is compact. The left lobe of the stomach is round. A lower lip only present in juveniles, adults with a membraneous circumoral lip.
Ovary and testes together forming a round structure behind the stomach and oesophagus. The endostyle is long and narrow, at each side accompagnied by an ovoid buccal gland.
The tail is long, with a strong chord and medium sized muscular bands; at the right side of the proximal third part of the tail are numerous small sub-chordal glands.

Trunk length is 2-7 mm.

Depth range
No information available.

Distribution in the North Sea
This cold water species is absent from the North Sea; occurs only rarely south of the Shetlands.

World distribution
Typical cold water appendicularian species for the Arctic, the northern North Atlantic and northern North Pacific Oceans (being most abundant north of 60°N).

Oikopleura vanhoeffeni